Organic Lavandula Bohemia adoption

 "The Planet´ Philantropist" title within the lunch in Lavander Valley will be yours


We are EKOpioneers in Organic Lavander planting and harvesting only by hands. NO chemical, NO GAS machines with the care abou the area og 6,5ha in Lavander Valley. An EKO area in the heart of Barrandien geopark on the limestones seas. 

Therefore our unique Lavandula Bohemia can support the imunity in human microbiome, how we check and research for 7 years. Therefore our Lavandula Bohemia can deal with autoimmune diseases, nervous diseases and digestive diseases in cases that modern conventional medicine describes as unexplored, incurable.

As we explored   our organic fields with Lavandula Bohemia contain  not only the healing effects of terpenes, flavonoids, linal diacetate, borneol, isoborneol, geraniol, lonalol, cineole, camphor and other 30 components, tannins, anthocyanins, bitters and resins, but exceptionally minerals from the limestone seas calcium, magnesium and zinc, which enriches the body with other very beneficial substances for the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and respiratory system.

This is probably why not only the Czech Republic is interested in Lavandula Bohenia but also other countries in research into diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, chronic inflammatory diseases and syndromes such as Hashimoto's thyroid disease, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy.

 And here we go. Together with you, we would be proud and happy that we can help and improve the lives of us all with pure nature, the path of sustainability, without burdening man and the planet with chemistry.

As it turned out in the summer, people no longer want to ride only ORGANIC products of healthy nutrition with the added value of supporting the nervous and digestive systems. They come in peace to the natural area for 6.5 hectares, to a restaurant with specialties from farms, free breeds and Czech growers, but games for adults and children, procedures and therapies - relaxation for body, mind and soul).
Interest is growing significantly in accommodation in pure nature in the fresh air, with the energies of limestone seas and the soothing harmony of ORGANIC  Lavandula Bohemia for body, mind and soul and we do not remain lax for these needs. On the contrary, we are looking for a way to satisfy you.

Have look on "BEZKEMNPU" how people rated us and you will touch the atmosphere in Lavander valley. 

That is why we decided to offer "ADOPTION OF ORGANIC LAVANDULA BOHEMIA. In order to create one of the amazing new concepts of the ECO-logic camp with the added value of healthy and traditional food from the Czech calendar, with experiences in the fresh air and winter in the Rainbow Hall. and elements for children, which enjoyed you so much during the time when we were finally able to open them.With aromatherapy not only in one house but in several houses that fascinated you with its simplicity.Orde, caress your soul and heal you as much as possible our desire Even on those colder and unkind days, not just in summer.

We care about 50 000 ORGANIC plants. Many of you now understand only Organic planted herb is a herb. Nobody can call plant with chemical treatment call a herb. That is the flower. 

Our Organic Lavandula Bohemia hervs  undemanding but very healthy - a natural children that we want to offer for adoption so that we can move on - to meet your ideas, requirements, but especially your anxieties, insomnia, stress, days without energy, exhaustion and sadness that bother you and we help you cleanly, with nature without chemistry, without dependence on pills but mainly

In order to help with the prevention, which currently plays a huge role after Covid, we need not only resources for research but also the construction of an Ecological Camp and a Manufactory. The EU will not fit into the tables. We have failed twice in the subsidy and we no longer have the strength to fight the Agrokolos. We do not want to listen to lies that the national wealth of this country and BIO growers with production through sustainability will be supported. Unfortunately, this is not true, so we decided to ask for your help to help you improve your life, your condition, your health, your immunity, your problems. We bring you healthy snacks, drinks and ingredients for more varied cooking, food preparation and the joy of life. We, to whom we want to offer accommodation in pure nature without pesticides, chemistry, with clean air from Brdy forests, with energy and minerals of limestone seas and with aromatherapy and terpenes and flavonoids, natural atb and antioxidants from ORGANIC Lavandula Bohemia.

Come with us to make a better world, come and show that we can help ourselves, without arrogant and stupid governments and officials.

Come and adopt BIO Lavender Chodouňská for CZK 1,000 and become an honorary parent on the Wall of Honor and a Philanthropist on the Planet. You will receive a thank you not only with the family name tag at BIO Lavender Chodouňská but also with an experiential lunch for two, which we are able to prepare for your wishes in the term we collect together from summer 2022. the first stage of the ECO camp and pleasantly surprise you.

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