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Organic Lavandula Bohemia from pure nature in brief


A unique herb with biodynamic substances and minerals from limestone seas in ORGANIC quality.


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” .

 About us:

In basic science: Lavandula Bohemia is a natural antidepressive and sweetener suitable or detoxication, diabetics, or with the obesity. Stimulates nerve tonus.

Relieves from digestive problems. Supporting imunity.

The unique fact, based on a clinical study of scientists from Czech republic (Doc. Prof. Petr Kaštánek Neobotanics team and the team of Doc. Čížková and Dr. Horsáková - The University of Chemical technology in Czech Republic,

Organic Lavandula Bohemia has proven extremely high content of antioxidants, antibiotics and antiseptics, but unlike other Lavender in the world contains exceptionally high level of ORGANIC terpenes and ORGANIC flavonoids, which have a beneficial effect and a molecule of life that provides a comprehensive solution to the holistic care of the human body.

The content of minerals in Lavendula Bohemia from the limestone seas improves the support of immunity, the natural function of the micro-biome - our second brain it also solves disorders of the digestive system, increases cognitive functions with higher production of Dopamine and Serotonin - the hormone of happiness.

The ancient Egyptians and Greeks already believed that Lavender medical with no chemical treatment of course, is the queen of the herbs.
They knew it could help two most important basic systems for the health of the human being: nervous and digestive systems.

Therefore we built two divisions:

Organic Lavandula Bohemia SUPER FOODS and DRINKS
Organic Lavandula Bohemia SPA holistic care for luxury and the best SPA areas in the world

What makes Lavandula Bohemia unique?

Winter frosts and especially strong winds all year round.
These help our Organic Lavandula Bohemia to produce high amounts of effective biodynamic substances. That is why our treatments bring long-term help and a life full of new vital force.

 For this reason, since this spring we have been preparing further treatment procedures for our partners from the ranks of nutrition clinics and centers, people caring for clients' nutrition and nutrition, sports and SPA centers and facilities, psychiatric and psychological clinics, holistic clinics, Alzheimer's centers and right in Lavender Valley.


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