Organic Lavandula Bohemia from pure nature in brief


ORGANIC products with Lavandula Bohemia

Levandule Chodounska (abroad known as Lavandula Bohemia) contains unique bioactive substances* and, as the only one in the world, rare minerals from limestone seas (Barrandien geopark). Our Lavender Valley team has been growing it on these minerals for 8 years - completely chemical-free and in certified BIO quality.

(*based on a clinical study and research of the Czech Technical University and Doc. Ing. Petr Kaštánek Ph.D. and his Biocen team)

Our Organic teas with Lavandula Bohemiia help with daily performance pressure, immunity, stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression and recently also with autoimmune diseases. They take care of your body, mind and soul harmony.

By combining Organic active ingredients of hemp and Lavandula Bohemia in Organic quality, we were the first team in the world to bring excellent results in a range of Happy Mind and Calm Gut products.

A respect for soul, body and mind

We offer you a pleasant journey to relax in a holistic spa for body, mind and soul, (BIO Lavender Aroma House, SPA house, Tiny house in Lavender fields or Oil lamp House in our garden), relax and recharge your batteries, have fun on our trails for adults and, of course, taste great traditional specialties with relaxing music in our restaurant. 

Levandulové údolí

"Let your food be your medicine, or your medicine become your food."

the founder of medicine and today's holistic medicine

Helena a Nikola Neumannová
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levandulové údolí levandulové údolí
levandulové údolí