Because we must not display thousands of years of proven results, experience and demonstrably beneficial substances and effects on our herbal products in pure nature in ORGANIC quality of course. Even on the products of our professional partners, doctors and scientists who work with pure herbs, we have decided to have too many questions. Prepare a special counseling center for you by an e-mail, which we called the Pure Health Holistic medicine Center. 

Here we go:

We will meet it regularly with guests who have something to say about today's situation, when it is not easy to find your way around the "FAKE NEWS"¨and ads about how you will be health the next day.

How will your daughter start to grind you after "swallowing a pill or syrup", how will you "lose weight without moving again after some miracle product". As you heal with the pill "as quickly and effectively" as you can "take antidepressants, the whole world is taking them today." How do you have to take this or that medicine, because otherwise you will die. As you don't have to do anything, just listen to the doctor.

Choose your own treatment route.

Try to see for yourself what you can do for your health without chemistry and future side effects, addictions and most importantly often without a long-term solution. We wish you a pleasant spectacle and a return to the common sense, nature and wisdom of our ancestors.

Helena Neumannová, Lavender Valley team of therapist and experts with whom we work with respect

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