ORGANIC Lavender cookies with Lavender Chodounská - handmade

Starting the metabolism with an honest handmade biscuit is the best help with hunger, a feeling of nervous tension it help significantly calm down a sudden unpleasant situation in children and also adult age. The biscuits are full of proteins, vitamins from ORGANIC lemon and the Lavender´s unique substances.


The nutrition experts prepared a delicious and at the same time healthy snack with the Lavender Valley team.

From pure nature and our furnace straight to you.

Immediate energy within 5 minutes.

No hunger, but also no feeling of a heavy stomach

❖ Vegie
❖ Organic
❖ Natural
❖ NO chemical, additives, dyes and glutamates.

ORGANIC certification, FSC certification for 100% compostable packaging.

Doprava zdarmapři nákupu nad 1 500 Kč
Free shippingon purchases over 1 500 CZK
Expedice do 24 hodin
Expedition during 24 hours
BIO certifikace
ORGANIC certification
FSC certifikace100% kompostovatelný obal
FSC certification

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