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Welcome to our lavender shop, it's a pity you can't smell an amazing Lavender on webside.

During the realization of farmers' markets and Czech farmers´fests, which we launched in the Czech Republic in 2008, we were incredibly motivated by farmers from the Association of Private Farming in Czech republic. They worked really hard with a lot of  diligence, humility and desire  with an energy, to get their farms back to the level of European farms. And perhaps they once again climbed to the top of farming in the Europe, after decades of the Gestapo and later communists in the Czech Republic stole their life and farms.

We have chosen the herbal treasure in our country. The Czech republic was the kingdom of the herbalism for hundred years. Therefor we hard worked in ecological herbal farming on the field therefore 45 000 of Lavender Angustifolia.

We are working with respect to our planet and trying to return its power and energy to us as well, at least within our power and ability. We are going in the way of sustainability.

They got thin slices - 30,000 pieces - BIO Lavender from the famous German company Volmary and they started digging, tearing, cutting and caring.

Today, after three years, when we have long had to plant beautiful bouquets, we can boast our Central Bohemian region, our country, that we currently have the largest lavender field in BIO quality in Europe. Everyone knows ornamental high lavender from Provence, Croatia, Montenegro and Romania. However, it is grown by conventional methods. That is, chemically treated and machine harvested.

Here you will come across a smaller variety, but in every teaspoon of Lavender Chodouňská you will find as much strength, energy and health as in any other.

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