Lavender Valley

Welcome to our lavender eshop, SPA area and farm restaurant with the shop and leisure time area in Central Bohemia


It's a pity you can't taste and smell an amazing Lavendula Bohemia on the webside.

During the realization of farmers' markets and Czech farmers´fests, which we launched in the Czech Republic in 2008, we were incredibly motivated by farmers from the Association of Private Farming in Czech republic. They worked really hard with a lot of  diligence, humility and desire  with an energy, to get their farms back to the level of European farms. And perhaps they once again climbed to the top of farming in the Europe, after decades of the Gestapo and later communists in the Czech Republic stole their life and farms.

We have chosen the herbal treasure in our country. The Czech republic was the kingdom of the herbalism for hundred years. Therefor we hard worked in ecological herbal farming on the field therefore 50 000 of Lavender Angustifolia.

We are working with respect to our planet and trying to return its power and energy to us as well, at least within our power and ability. We are going in the way of sustainability.

Now we care about 50 000pc.

Today, after 8 years, when we have long had to plant beautiful bouquets, we can boast our Central Bohemian region, our country, that we currently have the unique lavender field in ORGANIC quality in Europe within biodynamic substances and minerals from limestone for holistic medicine. Everyone knows ornamental high lavender from Provence, Croatia, Montenegro and Romania. However, it is grown by conventional methods. That is, chemically treated or machine harvested.

Here you will come across a smaller variety, but in every teaspoon of Lavendula Bohemia you will find as much strength, energy and health as in any other.

We started to really help a lot of people within chronical and autoimunne disseases las two years. Therefor we built two divisions in Lavander Valley. 

Organic Lavandula Bohemia SUPER FOODS and DRINKS
Organic Lavandula Bohemia SPA holistic care for luxury and the best SPA areas in the world



What makes    unique?


Winter frosts and especially strong winds all year round.
These help our Organic Lavandula Bohemia to produce high amounts of effective biodynamic substances. That is why our treatments bring long-term help and a life full of new vital force.

For this reason, since this spring we have been preparing further treatment procedures for our partners from the ranks of nutrition clinics and centers, people caring for clients' nutrition and nutrition, sports and SPA centers and facilities, psychiatric and psychological clinics, holistic clinics, Alzheimer's centers and right in Lavender Valley.

In the Lavender Valley on the border of the protected areas Křivoklátsko, Český kras and Brdy you will find one of the most interesting ORGANIC lavender fields in the Word with Scientist team.

Throughout the year you can come to the SPA ecological area Lavender Valley and meet the founder Helena Neumannová, consult with certified and studied therapists who take care of your happy and healthy life not only with top ORGANIC herbs but also therapeutic dances, cleansing processes and hydrotherapy baths, massages or detoxification alone in peace. All this on the limestone seas with daily aromatherapy and music therapy and healing dances and yoga.

ECO glamping, excellent restaurant and outdoor tea room. Wonderful workshops and cognitive games for adults all year round. Interactive zone for children. Lectures and seminars supplemented, of course, by relaxation, peace and tranquility.


"Let the food be your medicine and medicine be your food"

Hippokrates, a founder of the medicine and today's holistic medicine

levandulové údolí