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Welcome into our shop and also to our healthy nutrition manufactory with ORGANIC Lavender Chodounska, ORGANIC hemp and other herbs as well as Superfoods developed for your daily enjoyment when cooking, baking or having BBQ or any party. We also preparing healthy snacks and ORGANIC drinks to heal your body, mind and soul.

With no chemistry, from pure nature. With love, respect for human being, nature and the knowledge of our ancestors - herbalists. The way of sustainability. With 100% compostable packaging and the great ideas of our team. Eat and drink smart.


In Lavender Valley we are producing products of healthy nutrition in ORGANIC quality, Superfoods and drinks with immunity support, natural antioxidants and antibiotics contained in Lavender in ORGANIC quality, also products with ORGANIC cannabis and its beneficial OMEGA 3 acids. We bring life balance and body, mind and soul harmony with herbs which probably surprise you by its strenght, healing activity, variety and fragrance. They might also help you to heal - as a part of your cure, plenty of health issues such as fatigue, little of energy, sadness, depression, headaches, insomnia or heartburn and abdominal pain.

The ancient Egyptians declared Lavender herb as the queen of herbs for her vast amounts of antioxidants, antibiotics and antiseptics from pure nature. For centuries, it has been used by healers, doctors and shamans as an antidepressant, which starts the treatment of the nervous and digestive systems at the same time. Then it is only a step away from healing the entire body. You can usually know lavender from Provence, which is famous for its cosmetics and essential oils. You will find most of the lavender in France, but only as a conventional  treated and machine-harvested. Than  suitable for cosmetics not inside healing.

In the Slavic territories, including our country, Lavender has been grown for centuries since the Celts and their tribes arrived and brought this herb as a part of the migration of nations.

We respectfully gathered the knowledge of our herbalists, the recipes of our ancestors, healers and doctors, and set out on a journey to build a unique manufactory for a healthy diet with ORGANIC Lavender Chodounska. Of course, in ORGANIC quality, so that ordinary goodies make you happy in the kitchen, you can enjoy them on a trip or during or after sports, after your hospitalization. You can also drink healthier with your family and friends, grill in the garden or just simply cook and bake.

Lavender is a natural antidepressant. It helps with PMS, greatly improves immunity and solves long-term, not within an hour, like a pink pill, headaches. Lavender extracts are also contained in oncological drugs for serious forms of cancer, analgesics and antidepressants. In the digestive system, it suppresses flatulence, especially for those who spend most of the day on a chair and mothers who are breastfeeding. It soothes colic, but also the mucous membrane of the pancreas or oesophagus, widespread health issue among people. As an internal disinfectant, it helps with inflammation of the oral cavity, aphthae, and significantly helps with acne in both adolescents as well as elderly age. It can help with psoriasis and its’s excellent natural sweetener for diabetics.

Why we have joined our forces with the internationally successful 100% natural cosmetics L´Occitane?

When you answer the phone and there is a representative of one of the most successful companies in the world and tell you they like your story and want to take a care of the inner and external health of people in Europe and overseas together, your heart beats really fast and you go for it.
We already made the first packages together with L´Occitane,. We are selling their products from pure nature with pride and respect and can’t wait for a further success in the field of procedures and a care of your mental and physical hygiene. Let’s join us to little celebrate that we Czech are as good and successful as other European countries and companies, and we deserve attention.

It would be our pleasure to prepare healing procedures that will help you holistically with your broken body, mind and soul. They will support your self-medication, the high effective method, without side effects and without future autoimmune disorders.

We want to restore the fame of Czech herbalism and the phenomenon of Czech spas, based on two basic pillars: minerals and herbs.

Cross the fingers and stay tuned, we will take a care not just only of your health and appetite, also of the honour and the fame of this country.

Our business is sustainable, we respect our planet and people, 80% of our products are handmade. Our packaging is 100% compostable with FSC certification.

Be healthy with Lavender Chodouňská!
Helena Neumannová and the Lavender Valley team

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